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13 June 2005 @ 01:48 am
"Turn or Burn" Part Two  

Today opened with frantic worry and no internet connection.. so yesterday's episode was aired today before this one.  LOL  I love referring to life as episodes like from TV.. funny thing is I don't watch TV but the concept of Television programming and planning amazes me so much.  Well back to the focus of today's Entry. 

Bobby, Adrian, Jason, and I woke up aty like 7:30 to get to Pride by 11.. well we took the bus.. it takes a while.. and we had to get our stuff ready.  For today was the day Bobby and I did Drag.  Wonderful wonderful time that was... but that comes later.  We make final decisions and hop on the 15 as soon as we could.  We ended up being about 20 minutes late for out volunteer shift, we didn't care... no one wanted those damn magazines to begin with.  At about 2:30 the bestest Karen showed up.  I told her about the oncomings of 3:00, and How I had a shit load of shit to do drag in and msuch.. and Bobby and I were doing drag.  She was so excited. 

Now before I go any further.. I wouldn't say Drag would be an everyday or often thing for me.. It's just something I do for shits and giggles.  But all that aside.. We looked fabulous.. Bobby looked like a elementry school principal type Reba Macintire.  And I just kinda looked like a Latina Diva.  (Pictures to come.)  The shoes killed me.  I could walk in them but after a while.. it became too combersome.  I made sure all the people that mattered got suprised, and then I undragged myself and became my beautiful Boy self.  LOL..  During Drag Amber and Nick showed up.   I swear I miss the Days when they were a couple.  It seems like they are made for each other.. It was soo sweet seeing them together.  How my brain has them Married.  ^_^. 

After I undragged I ate an ice cream, and got it all over my shirt, so I lugged Adrian to the Bathroom with me to make sure I got it all off.  Dancing ensued.. and I even got to play "Go Go Boy"  for the evening.. I was one of the two boys dancing on stage... well shirtless and such.. because I am that sexy.,. LOL.. j/k.  While dancing I felt so.... "over everybody."  You could say it was a power trip, but not really.  I was asked if I wanted to Dance on stage.  While up there I spotted John, and how his recent behavior had disturbed me.  I went down to get water.. and saw him walking by.. I said hi.. and he said Hi back and turned around like he wanted to say something but I walked passed as if I had nothing left to say... and no ear that could listen.  Continued to dance the night away.  People took pictures of me.  I think I may have lost an inch of my waist with all the dancing I did.  And the fact I had a food intake of maybe three pounds all weekend.  LOL. If only my mama could see me groove.. LOL.. she would probably disown me.  LOL.. (just kidding mommy)  Positive attention never felt so good. 

Bus ride home, Bobby and I had another deep conversation on how I apologize for things I need not apologize for.  I was told that on more than one occasion I tend to "steal" people's romantic interest.. and these indistinct people, think I do it on purpose.  I really need to stop meeting people through people.. Whatever.  I'm too tired for livejournal. 

<3 Adam

could be worse.. I could be... : exhaustedexhausted
Adriangundamheavyarms on June 13th, 2005 01:02 pm (UTC)
From what I saw your dancing wasn't really maternally disownable. Unless you got dirty at some point. :p
Sherrapnkrckpryncess on June 13th, 2005 02:04 pm (UTC)
I was so upset that I couldn't go this year. Even my mom was like "pride fest is this weekend... " which was weird because she's usually all awkward about it. But alas I couldn't go....loooooong story.
Hoperiotgurl06 on June 13th, 2005 04:40 pm (UTC)
Adam you looked sexy yesterday, lol, that was fun
Adriangundamheavyarms on June 13th, 2005 10:39 pm (UTC)
As promised
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